Important information to our international customers and international contacts.

As previously announced a year ago William Stomilovic will with effect from January 1, 2018 be appointed as managing director of Trion Tensid AB.

William Stomilovic joined Trion Tensid AB in October 1996 as laboratory manager and is currently in a position as technical manager. Over the years William has acquired a renowned net of contacts with our customers, suppliers, authorities and international contacts. In addition been responsible fot the company’s training school and product development.

Since our pre-announcement of the change in the managing director position William Stomilovic has gradually taken on more executive responsibilities. We are confident William will fulfil his position with honour and welcome him in his new role.

The board of Trion Tensid and its shareholders will continue to act as support.

From January 1, 2018 we refer all commercial inquires to go via or direct to William Stomilovic.

Contact details as follows:

Tel switchboard: +46 18 156 190

Tel direct dial: +46 18 109 104

Tel mobile: +46 70 604 62 94

We wish a Happy New and Prosperous Year 2018

Principal, chairman of the Board, Thorbjörn Bengtsson

Principal, member of the Board, Robert Ferm