Important information to our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Today the 31st of August has Torekov by The Sea AB acquired all shares in the companies Trion Tensid AB and All Away Products AB. Behind the holding company Torekov by The Sea AB is the Holmberg family which, for more than 20 years, has successfully been running a chemical distribution company with focus on the northern part of Europe (Fred Holmberg & Co AB).
Trion Tensid AB and All Away Products AB has, for more than 30 years, been managed by two highly experienced individuals Thorbjörn Bengtsson and Robert Ferm. Thorbjörn says, “after a profound selection among many candidates are we confident that the choice of the Holmberg family is the optimal solution for the companies.” Thorbjörn continues, “we are convinced that the Holmberg family with their extensive experience in the chemical market, the history of running a chemical company and their appreciation towards our skillful team of employees guarantees a positive future for Trion Tensid AB.”
Representing the Holmberg family says Fred Holmberg, “we are very happy and proud to be able to acquire Trion Tensid AB and All Away Products AB.” Fred continues, “Trion Tensid AB operates successfully both nationally and internationally, with the company’s experienced employees and interesting product portfolio are we look forward to many interesting opportunities and a positive future together with Trion Tensid.”

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