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AGS Products for Graffiti cleaning and Graffiti protection

Are your expertise for your graffiti control sufficient? In order to have an effective graffiti control you need effective and safe products. Trion Tensid AB has been in the front line of the development of environmentally safe products for more than 35 years. Our solid expertise together with our leader position as supplier of graffiti removers and graffiti protection products are your safety when you use our products. When you need support in the choice of graffiti cleaner and graffiti cleaning methods you can always turn to us as the solution providers. Our unique knowledge and experience make it possible for us to give advice on the type of graffiti cleaning that will be effective on different types of graffiti and tags on different surfaces and colours. We have products to remove graffiti from trains, AGS 221, a product that is exported to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Poland among others. A graffiti remover for most porous surfaces is AGS POWER BLUE that is fast and effective and works well as both a graffiti remover as well as a shadow remover in one go. On delicate surfaces like Plexiglas AGS 560 is an excellent choice.

Do you need better competence? We tailor an education and training for your needs to clean tags and graffiti as efficient as possible. In the training, you get the chance to test our cleaners on a selection of realistic surfaces and experience yourself the effect of the graffiti remover on different types of graffiti. After the course, it will be easier to determine which graffiti cleaner to use on different types of surfaces. You will have knowledge of when you need to use a shadow remover and what type of shadow remover that is gentle on the surface. AGS 60 and AGS 65 are both effective shadow removers that are popular best sellers.

Efficient graffiti removal

An effective graffiti removal is reached when you have good knowledge of tags and graffiti and the surfaces that are stained. The combination with the graffiti cleaners that we offer you get a system that is cost efficient and a world leader of graffiti and shadow removal. We started to develop our graffiti removal products in the beginning of the 1980s when gangs started to use graffiti and tags to mark different neighbourhoods. Today we have a complete program of specifically developed graffiti removal products for tags and graffiti by spray paint, ink, bitumen and other paints. We have developed our products to be effective and environmentally safe on the surfaces that suffer from tags and graffiti. Our latest product TAGS AWAY is the fastest and probable the best product for ink and aniline-graffiti. TAGS AWAY is sold in an ergonomic 750ml spray bottle and is exceptional for janitors or cleaners to remove stray tags on most surfaces.

At Trion Tensid AB our philosophy is that we want to support you to find an optimal solution to combat the graffiti challenge. This means that we supply you with products and help you find alternative solutions on your challenge. We want to help you succeed. With the support of Trion Tensid you will always be ahead of your competition and deliver a result to customer satisfaction.

Graffiti protection what is that?

Graffiti protection is a cost effective way to protect surfaces against troublesome graffiti. AGS 3502 was the first sacrificial coating based on micro-wax in Europe. With our different graffiti protectors, you can create a situation where you can remove graffiti fast and easy in a way that makes both yourself and the problem owner happy. With a sacrificial coating, you can remove graffiti with only high pressure and hot water. Afterwards you need to re-apply the coating to the surface. Other benefits of AGS 3502 are that you get a protection on the surface from moisture, salt penetration, air pollution as well as it give the surface a UV protection.
Today there is also a permanent graffiti protection, AGS 3550, for non-porous painted surfaces when you need a permanent protection. With this protection you can clean the surface with mild cleaners like AGS 560 or AGS 5 SR HAWK more than 30 times without the need of re-applying the protection. The surface will get a fresh look like it has been re-painted, so it can be used to freshen up paint on a door or mail box.

Our products for graffiti removal and graffiti protection are acceptable from an environment perspective and evaluated by the independent companies “Sunda Hus” and “Byggvarubedömningen”. These companies provide important tools to be able to show that the graffiti cleaners are environmentally acceptable.

We are certified according to ISO 9000 (quality) and ISO 14000 (environmental control) to secure that we deliver graffiti cleaners and graffiti protectors with the right quality with environmental awareness. We are known for our quick deliveries. Most times, we deliver an order the same day that we receive it, a service that our customers appreciate.

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