BPS – Building Protection System

BPS Products for facade cleaning, paint removal stripping, and impregnation and water repellent surface treatment

What do you need for your facade cleaning? Trion Tensid AB have efficient products to clean your facade. We have developed and manufactured facade cleaners since the 1980s. Combined with our expertise in graffiti removal we have unique possibilities to support you in your choice of products and methodologies. Do you have a specific challenge ahead of you? We can help you find the right product methodology and if needed, we will develop a tailored product that conforms to your challenge. BPS 7102 is an example of a product that is excellent to clean surfaces from oily and fatty pollutions like exhausts. Brick surfaces and granite surfaces in a city environment are mostly cleaned with the super effective BPS 7300. Our competence makes it possible for us to advise and support you to the right product for the contamination that you want removed from your surface.

Are you about to paint a house?

Do you want to avoid scraping paint? We can offer several different products when you are about to remove paint from a facade before a restoration. The products are environmentally acceptable and helps you control the paint stripping to the desired cleanliness. With the help of chemicals, you avoid using heat to melt the paint and avoid the time consumed to scrape off the paint from the facade. It will also be easy to collect the removed paint waste to protect the environment so that the paint does not cause any environmental concern. The paint on a steel roof can be dissolved as one thin skin layer with BPS 7621. Modern paint on a tree facade can BPS 7624 dissolve several layers of in one single operation. We have methods and products that dissolves 18 layers of paint in one application. We can remove oil-based paint with BPS 7150.

What is facade impregnation?

Impregnation of a facade is a surface treatment with water repellent agents (hydrophobation) done to protect the facade against moisture and salt penetration. This also gives the facade a protection against dirt so the facade keeps clean for a longer time. A facade that is exposed to moisture or constructions in environments that are very moist with a risk of salt penetrations will have an extended lifetime and will need less maintenance once the facade has been treated. The risk of frost burns or corrosion due to salt penetrations will be reduced considerably once the construction has been impregnated. Our products for facade cleaners, paint removers and facade impregnation are environmentally acceptable and evaluated by the independent assessment companies as e.g. “Sunda Hus” and “Byggvarubedömningen”. These companies provide important tools to prove that the sanitary products are environmentally acceptable.

Do you have the necessary tools?

Our courses are developed to your needs for more efficient facade sanitation operations. We look at the different methods that normally are effective on different delicate surfaces. Paint stripping and impregnation (hydrophobation) are important components in the education to give a complete picture of different methodologies to clean a facade to the customer requirements. Certain types of pollution will be perfectly cleaned with an acidic solution while other types of dirt on a steel facade may demand a facade cleaner like BPS 7410. No matter the challenge, we have the solution.

We are certified according to ISO 9000 (quality) and ISO 14000 (environmental control) to secure that we deliver graffiti cleaners and graffiti protectors with the right quality with environmental awareness. We are known for our quick deliveries. Mostly, we deliver an order the same day that we receive it, a service that our customers appreciate.

To clean a facade is a complex task that requires extensive knowledge of both facade surfaces as well as the available facade cleaners. Additionally there are a number of methods that you have to know about to give the client the best possible service. The facade cleaners, paint removers, and facade impregnation products that we offer are effective chemicals that will make your job cost efficient. We have developed and manufactured our products in the BPS program since the 1980s and we are constantly improving our products in order to give you better products that at the same time are environmentally acceptable to make the smallest impact on the environment.

With Trion Tensid AB you get a partner that will support you to find an optimal solution for your challenge to clean effectively. We sell facade cleaners to make you effective and helps you find alternatives when an unexpected challenge occurs. Are you ready to let us help you stay ahead of the competition?

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