Facade cleaners

BPS Products for facade cleaning and paint removal stripping
What do you need for your facade cleaning? Trion Tensid AB have efficient products to help clean your facade. We have developed and manufactured facade cleaners since the 1980s. Combined with our expertise in graffiti removal we have unique possibilities to support you in your choice of products and methodologies. Do you have a specific challenge ahead of you? We can help you find the right product methodology and, if needed, we will develop a tailored product that will resolve the issue. BPS 7102 is an example of a product that is superb for cleaning surfaces from oily and fatty pollution such as exhaust fumes. Brick surfaces and granite surfaces in a city environment are mostly cleaned through the super-effective BPS 7300. Our skills and experience make it possible for us to advise and support you towards the right product for the contamination that you want removed from your surface.

 Are you about to paint a house?
Do you want to avoid scraping off paint? We can offer several different products to remove paint from a facade before a restoration. The products are environmentally friendly and help you control the paint stripping and ensure the desired cleanliness. With the help of chemicals, you avoid using heat to melt the paint and avoid the time consumed in scraping off the paint from the facade. It will also be easy to collect the removed paint waste so that the paint does not cause any environmental issues. The paint on a steel roof can be dissolved as one thin skin layer with BPS 7621. For modern paint on a tree facade BPS 7624 can dissolve several layers in one single operation. We have methods and products that dissolve 18 layers of paint in one application. We can remove oil-based paint with BPS 7150.

With Trion Tensid AB you will get a partner that will support you in finding an optimal solution for your cleaning challenge. We sell effective facade cleaners and help you to find alternatives when an unexpected challenge occurs. Are you ready to let us help you stay ahead of the competition?


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  • Contamination
    • Air pollution
    • Algae, mold, fungus
    • Asphalt, Bitumen droplets
    • Berries stains
    • Bird spilling
    • Blood, Proteins, Albumin
    • Break dust
    • Car rust sealer
    • Carbonates
    • Chewing gum
    • Disinfection
    • Dog/cat urine
    • Epoxy paint
    • Facade stain - light
    • Faeces
    • Fat
    • Fire restoration-ingrained fat
    • Glue
    • Insect residues
    • Iron oxides
    • Lime scale
    • Metallic oxides
    • Metallic salts
    • Neutralisation
    • Nicotine stains
    • Oil paints
    • Oil spillage
    • Paint
    • Particle stain
    • Permanent markers / Leather dyes
    • Plastic paints
    • Plastisol
    • Resin gum
    • Rust
    • Silicone
    • Smell
    • Soot, fat dirt
    • Spray paint
    • Urea salts
  • Product group
    • AGS - Graffiti Removers
    • AGS - Graffiti Protection
    • AGS - Shadow Removers
    • BPS - Facade cleaners
    • BPS - Impregnation
    • TCS - Industrial Cleaners
    • Special Products
    • Accessories
  • Surface
    • Plexiglas, perspex, polycarbonates
    • Road signs
    • Rubber
    • Sand stone
    • Tampon print
    • Terazzo
    • Textiles
    • Treated surfaces
    • Wood - not treated
    • Wood - painted
    • Aluminium – Electrolysed
    • Granite – polished
    • Metallic surfaces
    • Aluminium – Not treated
    • Hard Plastic
    • Mineral- & stone surfaces
    • Asphalt – bitumen
    • Industrial painted surfaces
    • Paint removal in bath
    • Brick
    • Limestone
    • Painted facades
    • Concrete
    • Marble – not treated
    • Painted surfaces – industrial paints
    • Glass
    • Marble – polished
    • Painted surfaces – trains, busses, trucks, cars
    • Granite – not treated
    • Metal sheet
    • Plaster

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