Industrial Cleaners

What are the right products for your professional cleaning?

We can help you find the right cleaner for your professional needs. Trion Tensid AB have developed and manufactured professional cleansers for more than 35 years. We supply our customers with high-performance chemicals for professional cleaning. The most complex part in finding the right product is that you need to know what the dirt that you want to remove is, and it can be complicated to understand how to remove the dirt. The cleaning agent has to dissolve the dirt; this means that you have to know what the dirt is in order to be able to choose the correct cleaning agent.

There is an enormous difference between: sewage spillage, oil spillage, lime residues, and removing glue residues from a floor. The best result depends on the method that you use combined with the right selection of a professional cleaning agent. RENO 12 is an effective all-round cleaner for your daily work.

Surfaces where there is a risk that bad odours can re-appear are treated with BIO ONE LIME, which is a product ideal for situations where you want to remove unpleasant odours. For situations where there is a need for a mild disinfecting product, we offer CYROX and RENOX, depending on the application.

In cases where more difficult lime residues or rust stains need to be removed then KALKO 0.5 or BETO are highly recommended. Our selection of paint remover stripping products is also extensive. Vehicle Wash is a product to clean vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks and is an approved product on “Kemikaliesvepet’s” list. RAIL CLEANER is a product that has been specially developed in order to be particularly effective for cleaning away brake dust, specifically for trains and rolling stock.


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  • Contamination
    • Air pollution
    • Algae, mold, fungus
    • Asphalt, Bitumen droplets
    • Berries stains
    • Bird spilling
    • Blood, Proteins, Albumin
    • Break dust
    • Car rust sealer
    • Carbonates
    • Chewing gum
    • Disinfection
    • Dog/cat urine
    • Epoxy paint
    • Facade stain - light
    • Faeces
    • Fat
    • Fire restoration-ingrained fat
    • Glue
    • Insect residues
    • Iron oxides
    • Lime scale
    • Metallic oxides
    • Metallic salts
    • Neutralisation
    • Nicotine stains
    • Oil paints
    • Oil spillage
    • Paint
    • Particle stain
    • Permanent markers / Leather dyes
    • Plastic paints
    • Plastisol
    • Resin gum
    • Rust
    • Silicone
    • Smell
    • Soot, fat dirt
    • Spray paint
    • Urea salts
  • Product group
    • AGS - Graffiti Removers
    • AGS - Graffiti Protection
    • AGS - Shadow Removers
    • BPS - Facade cleaners
    • BPS - Impregnation
    • TCS - Industrial Cleaners
    • Special Products
    • Accessories
  • Surface
    • Plexiglas, perspex, polycarbonates
    • Road signs
    • Rubber
    • Sand stone
    • Tampon print
    • Terazzo
    • Textiles
    • Treated surfaces
    • Wood - not treated
    • Wood - painted
    • Aluminium – Electrolysed
    • Granite – polished
    • Metallic surfaces
    • Aluminium – Not treated
    • Hard Plastic
    • Mineral- & stone surfaces
    • Asphalt – bitumen
    • Industrial painted surfaces
    • Paint removal in bath
    • Brick
    • Limestone
    • Painted facades
    • Concrete
    • Marble – not treated
    • Painted surfaces – industrial paints
    • Glass
    • Marble – polished
    • Painted surfaces – trains, busses, trucks, cars
    • Granite – not treated
    • Metal sheet
    • Plaster

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