Article number: 7950

For use with most AGS & BPS products, both graffiti removers, graffiti protection or paint removers.

Do NOT use for our highly alkaline or acidic products. Does NOT tolerate highly aromatic white spirit and Tinner.

Exclusively developed for Trion Tensid AB by a world-leading manufacturer of airless sprayers.

Comes complete with 15 m. Hose, gun with 515 nozzle and nozzle holder.

Roller applicator, extension shaft and nozzles are available as extra accessories.

Take the opportunity now to work with a high quality airless sprayer.

The perfect tool for our products. Applying thickened graffiti removers is quick, easy and you do not get tired in the hands.

Technical data

230 V, 10 A, minimum power on power plant 2 kW.

  • Maximum working pressure: 207 bar
  • Max nozzle: 0.019 ”
  • Max hose length: 30 m
  • AC motor: 230V
  • Weight: 10.6 kg
  • Dimensions (LWH): 49.5 x 38.9 x 94 cm

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