Bio One Blue Sanitation fluid - Chemical toilets

Article number: 2403

BIO ONE BLUE is a product that is specifically designed for all types of chemical-, biological-, latrine-, and sludge toilets. BIO ONE BLUE is natures solution for bad smell from toilets and septic tanks. Contains an enzymatic solution that degrade the substances in toilets that create the bad smell. The solution facilitate and speed up the process of degradation of substances that is cause of the smell.


Application instructions

BIO ONE BLUE contains a water bourne formula of non-patogen microorganism .

N.B! If a chemical sanitation fluid has been used the tank will have to be rinsed thouroughly with water.

Chemical toilets: Pour 1dl of BIO ONE BLUE in the empty tank and add 1-2 liters of water.
Biological toilets: Pour 1dl of BIO ONE BLUE in each section, pour 1dl/2 liter water in the flush tank.
Sludge toilets: About 1.5% of BIO ONE BLUE is dosed into the loading water. As an example; in a toilet with 200L total volume with a loading volume of 60L an addition of 1 L BIO ONE BLUE is suggested. If the volume 720L with a loading volume of 200L water an addition of 3.5 L BIO ONE BLUE is suitable.

Emptying: The tanks of the toilets are emptied according to local environmental regulations in your city.

Optimal conditions: BIO ONE BLUE is most efficient in the temperature range +5 to +45°C.

Frost free storage in closed original container.

Shelf life
Approximately 24 months in closed container.

Use protective gloves and protective googles.


Technical data

  • Deep blue solution
  • Container: 1 liter plastic bottle or 5 liter plastic jerricans.
  • Density: 1.4 kg/liter.
  • Scent of pine.
  • pH approx. 5,5.
  • Contains calcium nitrate, xylene sulfone acid, natrium salt, micro-orgnisms with eterical oils.


Harmful if swallowed. Causes serious eye damage.

Not classified as dangerous goods on roads & railways.
See further information in MSDS.

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