BPS 7624 GEL Paint remover - Latex and oil based paint

Article number: 7624

BPS 7624 is a multifunctional solvent based, readily biodegradable product, developed to solve plastic and oil based paints. BPS 7624 has en extremely good adhesion on surfaces, making it possible to increase the dwelling time. Readily biodegradable. User friendly.

BPS 7624 can be used on most types of surfaces such as: concrete, plaster, granite, limestone, sandstone, brick, wood, plastics, glass, metal.


Application instructions

BPS 7624 is applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. The dissolving time varies from 30 minutes to 36 hours. At low temperatures below 5°C, the time will be longer. The dissolved paint is jet off with high pressure and hot water. (Pressure depending on surface, 50-300 bar/ 20 litre/ min., 25-45° angle nozzle, 70-90°C). Work from bottom to the top. When the surface is cleaned, rinse off with low pressure from top to bottom.

Use as concentrate.

The consumption is depending on surface structure, thickness of paint and number of layers. Normal usage is approx. 0,5 litre/m², up to 2.0 litre/m² be required.

Store frost free in original container.

Shelf life
24 months in unopened container.

Use protective clothing, gloves and glasses.


Technical data

  • Viscous yellowish liquid with a solvent odour.
  • Packaging: 10 litre plastic jerricans or 20 litre plastic buckets.
  • Density: 1,02 kg/litre.
  • Flash point >90 °C.
  • Contains 2-butoxiethanol, gammabutyrolakton, dimethyl succinate, benzyl alcohol, hydrotreated light distillates.


Harmful if swallowed. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. Harmful if inhaled.

Not classified as dangerous goods according to ADR.
For more information, see MSDS.

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