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Fasaden är behandlad med BPS 7712.

BPS 7712 Ready to use solution - Mineralic surfaces

Article number: 7712

BPS 7712 is a water carried impregnating agent for protecting mineral surfaces and concrete. BPS 7712 is water repellent and gives a protection against water penetrating the surface. More or less invisible on the surface, and also UV-resistant. BPS 7712 is permeable i.e stops water from penetrating, but the surface “can breathe” and transport moisture. Protects the surface for 10 years. A surface protected with BPS 7712 may be graffiti protected with AGS 3502 and AGS 3512.


Application instructions

Clean the surface from traffic grime, soot and grease. Mask or protect all windows. Let the surface dry. Apply BPS 7712 generously with a low pressure sprayer, roller or a brush. Apply 2 times, wet on wet. Work slowly from the top and go downwards. For best impregnating effect, see to that the surface is dry. Lowest application temperature is approx. +5°C.

Normal usage: 0,3-1,0 litre/m².

Store frost free in original container.

Shelf life
12 months in unopened container.

Use protective clothing, gloves and glasses.


Technical data

  • Whitish liquid with no odour.
  • Packaging: 10 or 25 litre plastic jerricans.
  • Density: 0,99 kg/litre.
  • pH value 6.
  • Contains silane/siloxane solution.

No marking is required.

Not classified as dangerous goods according to ADR.
For more information, see MSDS.

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