RAIL CLEANER Train Cleaner

Article number: 1304

RAIL CLEANER is an acid cleaner which efficiently cleanses train carriages and other metal parts from pollution of iron oxides, brake dust and air pollution. RAIL CLEANER is slightly thickened to enhance the dwelling time. Easy to use. Easy to rinse off from glass and metal parts. Biodegradable.


Application instructions
Apply RAIL CLEANER with a soft brush or low pressure sprayer. Let dwell some minutes. Agitate whilst dwelling. Rinse with high pressure and hot water. Adjust the pressure to the surface.

Use as concentrate. On moderate pollution, dilute 1:5 with water.
Useage: 0,1-0,2 l/sqm.
Note! Do not use on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.

Store frost-free in original closed container.

Shelf life
Approximately 24 months in unopened container.

Protective clothing. Visor when high pressure washing.


Technical data

  • Slightly viscous liquid.
  • Packaging: 10 or 25 litre plastic jerricans.
  • Density: 1,05 kg/litre.
  • Low odour.
  • pH approx. 1.
  • Contains oxalic acid, hexyl g-glucoside.


Causes serious eye damage.

Not classified as dangerous goods according to ADR.
For more information, see MSDS.

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