RENO 12 Universal cleaner - Good Environmental Choice

Article number: 1100

RENO 12 is a highly efficient alkaline cleaner for fat deposits, soot, nicotine and heavy dirt. RENO 12 replaces petroleum degreasers in industrial cleaning. Can also be used as an all purpose cleaner. Gently removes dirt and grease from most surfaces. RENO 12 is also effective in cold water.


Application instructions

Apply RENO 12 with a low pressure sprayer or with a brush. Allow RENO 12 to work for a few minutes and then rinse off with luke warm water. In difficult cases, use white nylon cloth.

Dilute RENO 12 with water. Dosage is depending on grade of dirt.

  • Light: 1:50
  • Normal: 1: 10-20
  • Heavy: 1:3-5
  • Floor wash: 2 dl to 10 lts of water.

Store frost-free in original closed container.

Shelf life
Approximately 24 months in unopened container.

Use protective gloves and goggles.


Technical data

  • Free flowing liquid with a weak lime scent.
  • Packaging: 5 or 25 litre plastic jerricans.
  • Density: 1,05 kg/litre.
  • pH 11,4.
  • Contains 2-propylheptanoletoxilat, hexyl D-glucoside, potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid.


Causes serious eye damage. Causes skin irritaton.

Not classified as dangerous goods according to ADR.
For more information, see MSDS.

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