TCS CLEAN HANDS Hand desinfection

Article number: 2502

TCS CLEAN HANDS is intended to be used as a hand rub to desinfect your hands. Remoisturising to prevent skin dryness.


Application instructions

Wash hands thouroughly with water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Rub each part of the hand carefully. Dry the hands and apply a suitable amount of TCS CLEAN HANDS and rub in to all parts of the hands. Allow the hands to dry in the air.

To be used as concentrate.

Stored in a cool area in the closed container in a well ventilated area (freeze point -29°C).

Shelf life
About 24 months in closed container.

Nothing specific


Technical data

  • Liquid solution
  • Containers: 5 or 25 litre jerrycans.
  • pH about 7.
  • Density: 0,84 kg/litre.
  • Alcoholic scent
  • Contains ethanol >70%, glycerine <1%


Flammable liquid and vapour.

Dangerous Goods according to ADR.
UN 1170, Ethanol solution (ethanol )
Class: 3 PG: III
See further information in MSDS.

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