Trion Tensid – A Modern 40-year-old

Since 1983, Trion Tensid has successfully developed and manufactured performance chemicals for real estate, infrastructure and industry. With a focus on customers, quality and the environment, Trion continues to be a leading player on the Nordic and European markets.

Trion Tensid – Updated Product Design

Trion Tensid is launching a completely new product design. A product design where each product group gets its own unique label colour, which gives us improved clarity and ease of use for our customers. In addition, we take the opportunity to greatly improve the quality of the label material, our customers must be able to trust that the labels are clear even after a longer period of usage.

Going forward, will our products be divided into the following groups:

1. Graffiti removers

2. Graffiti protection

3. Paint removers

4. Facade cleaners

5. Impregnation

6. Industrial Cleaners

Trion Tensid – New 5 Liter Canister

We also choose to update our five-liter canister with the result; an improved user-friendliness and a more environmentally friendly packaging.

When does these changes take place?

The process to implement our new labels for all packaging as well as our new 5-liter packaging has already started and you as a customer will gradually encounter the new designs during the autumn. On the next page you get a first glimpse of our new updated Trion Tensid products.

We look forward to continued good cooperation with you.

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Updated Product Design